Senator Leila De Lima challenges Pres. Duterte

"I'm willing to resign, I'm willing to be shot", says the Senator

Manila, Philippines - In a presscon at the Senate of the Philippines, Senator Leila De Lima admits there are some truths to the President's accusations. But says, she is willing to resign and be shot in front of the President, if she is found to have connections with illegal drugs.

The Senate’s investigation into the extrajudicial killings will officially start tomorrow, Monday, 22nd August 2016. Senator Leila De Lima made sure that the hearing will be unbiased and she trusts that the President will feel shamed due to his accusations of the senator benefiting from illegal drugs.

“I’m willing to resign, I’m willing to be shot! In front of the President. If there is undeniable evidence…”, says Senator Leila De Lima.

The Senator is confident that there is no evidence that will point to her as the protector of drug lords and those involved with illegal drugs.

Duterte’s involvement in the Davao Death Squad (DDS)

The Senator explicitly said that,

“The President still hasn’t gotten over the Commission on Human Rights’ investigation into his involvement with the Davao Death Squad. “From the best of my knowledge, in open court, in open proceedings, I may have lambasted him, I lectured him – about human rights.”, said De Lima.

On her alleged involvement with driver-bodyguard

Regarding her involvement with Ronnie Dayan and the prevailing sex video, the Senator said:

“I don’t look at those kinds of photos, obscene photos, but my staff examined them thoroughly and they said that it’s pretty obvious that she is not the woman depicted on it.”

Blackmail for testimony

According to De Lima, the last time she spoke to Dayan was about a month ago asking for help. The former driver-bodyguard says he’s being hunted down and he fears that his house may be raided by the police, make it look that you possess illegal firearms, and made it look like you fought the arresting officers, because they want to turn you into a witness against your former employer.

Senate investigation on extrajudicial killings

De Lima swears that the Senate’s investigation into the extrajudicial killings due to the intensified campaign against illegal drugs will remain fair.

Just our thoughts

Sec. Martin Andanar reacted on what Senator De Lima said during her interview at the Senate. Andanar said that anyone has the right to defend themselves before the bar of public opinion, but the administration’s  war on drugs will not be deterred.

Honestly, when that guy speaks its like he’s not aware of what was happening around him. Take for instance his comment regarding the President’s first batch of narco-list. Andanar iterated that the list is an “old one”. Then two days later the President says the list is “not old” – wtf!! Its a total waste of time to interview this guy eh?

Anyways, back to Senator De Lima’s challenge to President Duterte – is the President willing to resign and be shot in front of the Senator if his accusations are proven to be bogus? What say you, Mr. President?


Source: ABS-CBN