Senate investigates anti-illegal drugs campaign of Duterte’s administration

For alleged violation of human rights

Manila, Philippines - Senate investigates the Philippine National Police (PNP) in accordance with the anti-illegal drugs campaign of the Duterte administration.

The Philippine National Police said that it will attend the Senate’s investigation into the anti-illegal drugs campaign being implemented by the Duterte administration.

The Chief PNP was so mad when he heard the rumors that the Senate will subject them to scrutiny the moment they were summoned for the investigation. Summary execution or extrajudicial killings are what the critics call when people are killed without being tried in court.

” They can’t scare us if all they want is to squeeze out the truth. Our mere presence in the Senate is a sign that we are true to our words, that we are true to our deeds. We have nothing to hide, whatever they want to know we will gladly give it to them.”, said PNP Chief Ronald dela Rosa.

But Dela Rosa admits that he quickly runs out of patience especially when the media criticize their campaign against illegal drugs.

Chief PNPs reaction to suggestions

There were suggestions to arm the arresting officers with tasers that temporarily disables the suspects instead of their shoot to kill attitude. Dela Rosa said, “I don’t see any reason why you would want to masculate your PNP.”

Do you want us to be killed? When you can very well see that those suspects who were killed are very well armed. And they are drug crazed people, the tasers are fine for those who are unarmed and not dangerous suspects.”, Dela Rosa continues.

Dela Rosa also downplayed the suggestion of having the police wear body cameras to record their operations, particularly the buy-bust operations, arrests, and the results of those. This is what Dela Rosa had to say.

” The money that we’ll be using to buy those body cameras would rather be used to buy guns & ammunitions so that I can arm my men.”

When asked about those who were killed during the operation, all the Chief PNP could say was, “they got unlucky… they ran out of luck. So we have no control over the luck of each individual. That’s the truth about it.”

Just our thoughts

People are not generally stupid, not unlike what the Chief PNP thought they are. When the police is trying to hide something, they will do whatever it takes so that the public won’t see the wrongdoings they were committing in the performance of their duties.

We were laughing when we heard Dela Rosa’s alibi that he would rather buy guns and ammunition rather that tasers and body cameras. So the question there is, are you hiding something?

  • An M4 rifle costs Php107,000 each when procured by PDEA
  • Glock pistols costs between Php30,000 to as high as Php52,000 each
  • A body camera costs between Php13,926 to Php37,136 each

Clearly the Chief PNP must be mistaken. Procuring body camera’s for all arresting police personnels can go both ways, it can protect them from lawsuits filed by the victims families; and it can improve their operations & tactical efficiency. But Dela Rosa doesn’t see it this way, is it possible that he knows that his men will fail the test or the legality of their arrest procedures when these body cameras were put to a field test?

Mr. Chief PNP, you may be ridding the streets of drug-related crimes, but at the same time you are raising a new breed of law enforcement KILLERS & MURDERERS.