SC clears 3 judges linked by Duterte in illegal drugs trade

Manila, Philippines - The Supreme Court of the Philippines has cleared three (3) out of four judges that had been named by President Rodrigo Duterte to be involved with illegal drugs trade in the country.

The Supreme Court of the Philippines dismissed the case against three (3) of their judges especially those who were named by Duterte and were allegedly involved with illegal drugs trade.

According to the Supreme Court,

“No evidences were presented that would link the three (3) judges: Judge Ezekiel Zagala, Judge Adriano Savillo, and Judge Domingo Casiple Jr.”

The President named the three judges as part of his narco-list in a televised speech last Aug. 2016.

“[T]he court found that no prima facie case has been established against the said judges. It was constrained to terminate the investigation considering that despite repeated pleas, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) insisted that no witness is willing to come forward and that [PDEA] has exhausted the documentary evidence it can submit.”

“We affirm our commitment not to shirk from our responsibility of imposing disciplinary action upon any erring judicial officer or personnel. Yet we must also be steadfast in our undertaking to not be the instrument that destroys the reputation of any member of the bench by pronouncing guilt based merely on speculation,” the SC said, through its Public Information Office (PIO) chief, Atty. Theodore Te.

Just our thoughts

Another flop by the President eh? He has always claimed that he verifies his narco-list before he releases it to the public. Ever wonder how he verifies it? Since there has been a study that 76% of all drug-related cases filed in the courts of the Philippines were dismissed year-in and year-out.


Source: ABS-CBN