Government plans to increase registration fee

For those owning two or more private vehicles

According to the Transportation Department, there will be a registration hike for people who owned two cars or more.

Manila, Philippines – According to Sec. Arthur Tugade, Department of Transportation, the move will be the same to what the other countries are doing. “We are still in the planning stage, nothing has been finalized yet”, Tugade added.

The bad news

Today, private citizens who own two or more vehicles pays between 3,000 to 5,000 Philippine pesos, depending on the type of vehicle. So this will mean “bad news” for all involved.

One mom says she plans to buy cars for her children who will all be in college in the next couple of years. Registration fees alone will kill us since its being implemented annually. Another guy says his ageing vehicle needs to be replaced.

Will it be effective?

Most of the time, people buy second cars so that they can still be mobile even when the LTO Coding Scheme is in effect.

But according to a group of motorists, it is possible that the move won’t be effective.

” The government should be able to present an alternative. Why do you buy a second vehicle? Because you need it for mobility purpose. What the buyer will do is to register his 2nd vehicle to another person just to go around this problem.”, said Bert Suansing, Consultant, Automobile Association of the Philippines.

Suansing added, “We still can’t compare the Philippines to other countries like in Singapore whose already implementing this kind of scheme, because their public transportation is more organized than us.”

According to NEDA, private vehicles in EDSA occupies 78% of the road space already.


Source: ABS-CBN