Duterte’s accusations against Senator De Lima starting to back fire?

True owner of Ronnie Dayan's alleged white house surfaced

Urbiztondo, Pangasinan - The alleged white house of Ronnie Dayan, that according to President Duterte was given by Senator Leila de Lima as a gift for being her lover.

Urbiztondo, Pangasinan – A few weeks back, President Rodrigo Duterte accused Senator Leila de Lima of being a protector of illegal drugs both during her time in the Commission on Human Rights up until she was DOJ Secretary. Duterte says he will not stop these accusations, he has no sympathy for Senator De Lima’s family because according to the President – De Lima has already sealed her faith, and he goes a little bit further by saying that he’s going to use her own driver against her.

Surprise, Surprise!

But alas! Surprisingly, Ronnie Dayan’s brother-in-law surfaced yesterday with his own testimony as to who truly owns the white house that Duterte says is quite impossible for a mere driver to have put up without the help of drug money. Watch the video below this page or read the transcripts below:

In an exclusive interview from Doha, Qatar by ABS-CBN, by Mr. Wilfredo Torreta.

It was in 1995 when Mr. Torreta decided to work abroad. For 21 years the house was slowly rehabilitated by his wife. According to Mr. Torreta:

“That piece of land, the real owner of it was my wife’s uncle, and we bought it. There was already a house built on top of it and we slowly upgraded it and my wife made it bigger. The orange house was the one owned by Ronnie Dayan.”

“When he became an employee of Leila (Senator De Lima), that’s when he started to have the house built. The money probably came from his salary, the one he used for the house. Aside from that, I don’t know.”, added Mr. Torreta.

Mr. Torreta claims he has not had the opportunity to meet Senator De Lima, but his wife and child had already spoken to her before.

“According to my wife & child, the Senator seldom visits the white house. That was probably when the media saw them and they presumed that Leila owns it. But actually, that is mine.”, said Mr. Torreta.

Mr. Torreta’s advice

According to Mr. Torreta, he advised his wife to tell the Senator to stop contradicting President Duterte especially in the issue of extrajudicial killings.

Torreta’s advice to the public is not to implicate the house that he worked so hard for that has nothing to do with illegal drugs.

Just our thoughts

Hmmmmm… if the white house is not of Ronnie Dayan himself, then Duterte’s claims are truly baseless? Kinda makes you wonder if the PNP’s intelligence operations rely mostly on gossips. If it does, then the Filipino people are paying their taxes and these people are just wasting them on gossips? How do you feel about that?

No concrete evidence, they just finger point other people and bam! You’re an instant celebrity, courtesy of Duterte. Is that what you really get out of your vote? Is this the so-called “change” that Duterte is blabberin’ about? I feel sorry for you Filipinos… and to think that your President is a lawyer? Everything’s all just a BS!! No wonder other countries continue to shake their heads and asking how the heck are you able to survive the century?

For sure, the President of the Philippines is now the one having a nightmare… how does he consolidate his gossip version of Ronnie Dayan’s white house with that of the true owner, Mr. Wilfredo Torreta?

And then Duterte is asking for a big chunk of your country’s budget for intelligence gathering? But done mostly through gossips? lol. Couple that with the emergency powers he’s requesting congress & the senate, where you can import anything under the sun — without going through bidding? It’s a win-win situation for the administration, now this – this is the root of all corruption in government that the previous administration wanted to eradicate.

Why are you Filipinos so blind?