Duterte questions Former President Aquino

Regarding what he believes to be irregularities in the Mamasapano Massacre

Manila, Philippines - President Rodrigo Duterte threw some questions on Former President Benigno Aquino III regarding the Mamasapano massacre

Two years after the Mamasapano incident, the complaints of the families of the SAF 44 heroes still remains unchanged. Aside from the justice they’re seeking, they said that they’re still waiting for the assistance that was promised by the previous administration. More than 100Ā families of the SAF 44 are now in MalacaƱang for some dialogues with President Rodrigo Duterte.

They reminded the government of the assistance that was promised by the previous administration, like additional pension, work, housing and scholarship for their children that until now has not been received by many. They also asked the President to make Jan 25 as a national memorial day in remembrance of the lives that was sacrificed by the members of the SAF 44.

Although the President said that he doesn’t want to go into a word war with the Former President Aquino, he nevertheless blamed the former President for not completing his investigation and failing to admit what actually transpired during the Mamasapano operation.

“They were already dead and there was a white General there. What do you do when you are there? First of all you have to answer to the nation, why the Police? What’s so special about the police? And why was Purisima at that time who was already suspended…”, says President Rodrigo Duterte

Duterte’s Promises

The President gave three promises to the families of the SAF 44, and these are:

  1. He will try to bestow all of them with the medal of valor
  2. He will set a date for the remembrance of the heroism of the SAF 44 members
  3. He will organize a commission that will investigate the incident again

Just our thoughts

Although there were many questions that the previous administration never did answer regarding the Mamasapano incident. Let’s just hope that the Commission’s investigation is not politically motivated this time around.